Premium Board has a unique board production concept with separate board and coating machine, which is more flexible compared to the conventional on-machine coating technology.  The production concept enables optimising the board properties according to each product’s specific needs. The off-machine coater can also be utilized for coating external paper and paperboard grades.

 Premium Board mill consist the following production facilities:
  • Groundwood Mill and Stock Preparation
  • Board Machine
  • Off-Machine Coater
  • Paperboard Finishing

Groundwood Mill and Stock Preparation

The groundwood pulp is manufactured from fresh, high quality regional spruce supply. The spruce logs are cut to specific lengths, debarked and grinded to mechanical pulp in heated and pressurized conditions. This modern pressure grinding process (PGW) produces mechanical pulp with high bulk and high fibre strength properties and gives maximum fibre yield from each cubic meter of wood.  After screening and cleaning stages where impurities and coarse fibres are removed, pulp brightness is improved with hydrogen peroxide bleaching followed by a further washing stage prior to transfer to the board machine. Mechanical groundwood pulp is used in the middle layer of the board structure. The top and back layers consist of bleached chemical pulp for improved whiteness and printability. The chemical pulp used is elemental chlorine free (ECF), purchased from leading pulp manufacturers with certified wood sourcing (PEFC, FSC) and manufactured by means of good forest management.

Board Machine

The board machine is a conventional three layer FBB machine with a top forming unit and a shoe press. The trim width of the board machine is 2450 mm, speed range 200-350m/min, basis weight 215-360g/m2 with the maximum capacity of 80 000 Mt/y. Main part of the produced baseboard is being transferred to the off-machine coater. Automation and quality control systems have been recently updated to state-of-the-art equipment throughout the mill. The quality is also controlled by laboratory testing, where both uncoated baseboard and finished coated board are tested.

Off-Machine Coater

In the off-machine coater the coating speed and other key process variables can be optimized according the grade and substance being produced. Off-machine coater makes it possible to coat paper or paperboard from other mills for special applications. Coating machine has four coating stations, two on each side of the web, which enables production of speciality products such as Tecta in one go. The top side is coated with printable pigment coating and the reverse side with barrier coating. Soft calandering finishes the surface to desired gloss and smoothness levels. The trim width of the off-machine coater is 2400 mm and the current capacity is 100 000 t/y.

Board Finishing

Premium board delivers the paperboard in reels or in sheets according to customer demand.

The reel and pallet dimensions and other information on paperboard deliveries can be found in the Mill Facts.