Mill Facts

GREEN PACKAGING thinking includes minimal use of raw materials and energy.

PREMIUM BOARD is committed to minimize the waste in the production and throughout the paperboard packaging manufacturing chain. This means minimizing the waste, good planning of logistics and using full truck deliveries.

Please let us know on the ways to save material and energy in your production process or logistics.We would like to hear, help and learn about it.

Coated paperboard trim Max (mm)
Trim Width 2400

Reel size Max (mm)
Width 2380
Diameter 1450

254 mm (10")

Core sizes available on request:
76 mm (3"), 152 mm (6") and 306 mm (12")

Reels without joints are available in diameter 1200
mm, 1250 mm and 1450 mm.

Sheet Size

Min (mm)

Max (mm)







Shorter sheets are available with surcharge.

Standard pallet height 1250 mm.

Minimum height with normal sheet sizes is 1100 mm (can be
below that with big sheet sizes to avoid overweight pallets).

Maximum height depends on means of delivery. In order to
have full truck deliveries 2 pallets are piled on top of each
other. The max. height of a pallet is then 1250 mm.

Max. weight of pallet is 1000 kg.