Tecta is water based, dispersion coated barrier board designed to meet the high quality packaging requirements of the food industry. Tecta paperboard is based on renewable wood fiber base which together with an optimal barrier coating and protection is an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastics and plastic laminated carton boards. Tecta is fully recyclable, and it can be composted or burned for energy recovery. As a monomaterial it can be recycled without separating the coating.
Packaging made of Tecta paperboard offers a good resistance against water, water vapour and grease. Tecta coatings are suitable for direct food contact and can be glued with waterbased or hot melt glues. The coating is also heatsealable. Tecta paperboard is suitable material for frozen food, chilled food as well as bakery and confectionary packaging.

Tecta opens up new opportunities for developing packaging that can replace plastic in many applications, one example being recyclable and compostable sandwich packaging. Tecta paperboard is used together with compostable film in the see-through window. This solution is ideal for premium sandwiches as compared to rigid plastic packaging it looks better in the shelf and takes less space in the bin, weather it is then for recycled or composted waste.

Tecta coated virgin fibre folding boxboard is available in substances from 230g/m2 to 365 g/m2. The off-machine coater allows the use of paper and paperboard from other paper mills.

Product specification

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